On Your Side: Missouri Attorney General, Better Business Bureau warns

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) – The many pop-up storms over the last few weeks have led to more scammers. So-called storm-chasing repairmen go door-to-door. They say they will help with repairs, but many take your money and run.

Pamela Hernandez is the Regional Director of Better Business Bureau. Hernandez said after big storms, people might knock at your door.

“When someone knocks on your door unsolicited, that should just be your first red flag,” said Hernandez. “You always want to be careful. You’re not even at any obligation to answer the door.”

Hernandez said after big storms, scammers come when you are the most Vulnerable.

“People are highly emotional. They’re very stressed,” said Hernandez. “Sometimes we’re not always slowing down. We just want the problem fixed.”

Hernandez said when someone comes knocking, don’t give them that first yes. Research the business, get several estimates, and don’t believe what they say is a good deal.

“Anyone that pressures you to act now, they’re in the neighborhood, they have leftover materials, ‘I can give you a great deal,’” said Hernandez. “But you’d have to do it today, and you need to pay me cash. That’s another red flag.”

Rusty Scott had storm damage in his neighborhood. He said he had his fair share of businesses knocking.

“Had hail, didn’t know if we really had that much damage or not,” said Scott. “But guys came around. I think I had three of them.”

Thankfully, Scott says he did his research. Roofers fixed his house quickly and had no complaints.

“I would say obviously check them out. Don’t get in a big hurry,” said Scott. “I mean, we had ours done a month ago. They’re still doing roofs next door.”

Also, If someone comes door to door, ask if they have a solicitors license.

Several cities in the Ozarks, including Nixa and Springfield, require them before people can go door-to-door.

If you want to research a business or file a complaint with the BBB, CLICK HERE.

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