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Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire occurs, unfortunately the damage can be severe. The soot and smoke from a fire, damages wall or floor finishes, air quality and often equally as damaging is the water used to put out the fire. We have been mitigating fire damages since 1972 and our experience is critical during a fire loss. Our team can be onsite within an hour boarding up windows, securing doors, patching skylights, etc. to make the property safe and secure on an interim basis. Our warehouses hold over 1,200 pieces of equipment and allows us to immediately dispatch air filtration and drying equipment to any size loss. Our cleaning technicians understand the proper cleaning techniques and materials required to remove soot and smoke from a building. And just like with water damages, our Project Manager oversees the entire process, from beginning to end to ensure the damages are mitigated properly, timely and effectively.

We’ll Give Your Home the Attention it Needs to Overcome Fire Damage
Fire is a formidable foe that can absolutely decimate most man made structures. If your home experiences a fire, the damage may be significant. A small kitchen blaze can still cost thousands in repairs after building materials and appliances are lost. Heat can melt siding and consume personal belongings.

The resulting smoke penetrates and discolors surfaces, works its way into enclosed areas and leaves behind an odor that can last for years if untreated. A large scale incident can completely devour entire floors or spread to neighboring structures. Even rooms that are untouched by flame are still affected by falling ash and the odor of smoke. Without professional repair and a thorough cleaning, your home may be rendered unlivable.
The ravaging effect of fire damage often requires complete restoration services from deodorizing and cleaning, to the demolition and rebuilding of the entire structure. Whether you need one contained space repaired or an entire structure demolished and rebuilt, Resto Medic is available to assess the damages and help you find the best approach to recovery.

We understand the challenges you face after surviving a house fire. Our experienced technicians can provide sound advice and perform a wide range of services. We do more than tear down and rebuild. We also offer thorough cleaning and deodorizing so salvageable portions of your home can be recovered. No job is too big or too small for us!

Contact us today (346) 214-6332 or email us directly to schedule your onsite consultation to find out how we can solve your fire damage problems. We cover all of Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Conroe, Cypress and Magnolia Texas; Montgomery County and Harris County.